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Web Development


Some examples of my basic web development skillset can be seen here on this website, and in the portfolio. I use the Bootstrap framework to create beautiful, mobile first websites that look good on any screen.

Voice and SMS Marketing

SMS and Voice Marketing

Twilio Platform

I have experience making phone trees, automated dialers, and SMS or voice marketing applications for your business using the Twilio Platform, as long as its usage is within local laws.


Custom Web Applications


Do you have a specific need for your business but can't make it happen on your own? I can write solid PHP logic and implement a MySQL database to help you get where youre going.


Previous Projects

Kevin Beatty

Kevin Beatty

About Me

I'm an Information Technology graduate from the University of Central Florida. I have experience creating web applications built on PHP and MySQL with Bootstrap front ends, as well as mobile first Bootstrap web pages. I love finding creative solutions to solve problems and value completeness, contact with the client, and the user experience above all.


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